Friday, 29 July 2016

Istanbul Cymbals have landed at Cookes

Here at Cookes we've recently had a lovely delivery of Istanbul Agop cymbals, including models from their Xist, Traditional, 30th Anniversary and Mantra ranges.

Istanbul cymbals are made in Turkey, and boast Cindy Blackman, Jeremy Stacey and James Gadson amongst their stellar line-up of endorsees 

The gorgeous Xist sets are particularly good value for money - 14" hi-hats, 16" crash, 20" ride, plus a FREE 18" crash and a hard case, all for £525.

istanbul cymbals norwich

The Mantra range, designed alongside Cindy Blackman-Santana (wife of Carlos Santana) is VERY tasty - big, dark and trashy - 15" hi-hats, 20" crash and 22" ride. You need to come in and try these cymbals in person as they are absolutely beautiful!

Come into our Norwich showroom and see Joe or Tom who will happily to show you these metal discs of loveliness. If you can't get in to see us, our range is on our website at

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Halfway through 2016 already...

Well we're coming to the end of June - it's only 6 months until 2017...

Let us offer you a safe haven from the political and sporting drama of the past week. We promise not to mention Europe or the Football. Instead, we'll talk nerdy about guitars, drums, amps and DJ gear. Sound good?


Our guitar department is looking great, with over 100 electric guitars on display in our showroom, starting from just £100.

We also have a number of Used and B-stock guitars by PRS, Gibson and Rickenbacker. Call us on 01603 623563 or call into the shop and speak to Matthew, Steven or Ben.


We have over 50 acoustic guitars in stock, plus the usual Ukuleles and Classical guitars.

We've just taken delivery of the new Orange Crush range of bass amplifiers, starting at under £150. Full details on our website at


The Pearl Crystal Beat drum kit is on display in our drum showroom - they're pretty hard to find in the UK at the moment as demand has dramatically outstripped supply, but we're lucky enough to have a lovely example in stock now - 10", 12", 16", 22" in Ultra Clear. Pop into our showroom and see (and hear!) what all the fuss is about!

Of course we always have a large selection of sticks, heads and accessories, as well as a range of new and used Drum kits and Cymbals.

Friday, 13 May 2016

It's nearly Summertime..

Summer is on it's way, so time to get your shorts, wellies, sunblock and umbrellas out.  The gigging season is nearly upon us, so there's no better time to get a few new toys...

TAMA Starclassic, Superstar and Silverstar kits
We're loving the new Tama Silverstar Bop kit. Punchy kit in small sizes - tune it high for jazz and bebo, or take it down for a more pop sound.

We've also got Starclassic Performer and Superstar Hyperdrive kits here in our showroom, so pop in and have a look.

And if that's not enough for you, we've got some Tama Soundworks and SLP snare drums in too.

tama silverstar bop kit
TAMA Silverstar Bop kit in Light Blue Lacquer
(this kit goes really well with the lightweight Gibraltar hardware in the photo!)

Gibraltar Hardware
We have the amazing Gibraltar 8000 lightweight hardware in stock. Why haul around multiple, large and heavy bags of hardware when you can fit a whole set of these vintage-style yet rock solid Gibraltar stands in a single small hardware case? Simon and Joe are already thoroughly impressed, and even Tom is thinking about getting some of these.

Zildjian cymbals
We've also got the new Zildjian S Series cymbals on display. They're bright, expressive and versatile cymbals, Starting from just £65, they won't break the bank. Plus we've got loads of  Zildjian Avedis, A Customs and K's on our cymbal wall.
Zildjian S Series cymbals

LP, Toca and Schlagwerk Cajons
Perfect for acoustic gigs, rehearsals, and incredibly portable, our Cajons are selling like hot cakes. We also have loads of cajon accessories including pedals, bags. etc.

Clonk. Ting. Bang. Boooing. Shshshshsh. Donk. Clop. Dong.
You too can make all these sounds and more with our LP, Pearl, LP, Toca and Stagg percussion instruments. Congas, bongos, djembes, cowbells, wood blocks, shakers, synthetic blocks, triangles, jingle sticks, tambourines, we have them all.

Pop in to the shop or call Joe or Tom on 01603 623563 for more info.

Friday, 13 November 2015

new Markbass amps in stock now!

Unboxing completed! And we have to say these Markbass amps are super light and sound huge!

Nano Mark 300w head - £280
Little Mark III 500w head - £390
Little Mark 250w head - £215

NY121P 1x12" 400w cab - £345
Traveler 102P 2x10" 400w cab - £359
CMD121P 1x12" 450w combo - £575
CMD151JB 1x15" 250w combo - £349
CMD102P 2x10" 300w combo - £699

Come down today and shake your insides happy!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Christmas at Cookes Drum Department...

Sorry to remind you folks, but there are only 64 days until Christmas!

Here at the Cookes drum department, we have everything you’ll need to make your Christmas drum-filled and noisy.


Our starter kit this year is the Mapex Tornado, with everything you need to get started on your drumming adventure for only £249.

Cookes Band Instruments Mapex Tornado drum kits

The Tornado kit is available in 3 different configurations and in Black or Burgundy Red, and includes all hardware, stool and cymbal pack

We can also supply Paiste upgraded cymbal packs, starting at £139

For those of you concerned with noise and disturbing the rest of the family/neighbours, we also stock the marvellous Shaw Silencer Pad sets and Vic Firth drum mutes, starting at £45

If you’re thinking of going down the electronic kit route, come and check out the HXM HD006 Electronic Drum Kits - a bargain at £199 including stool, bass pedal AND even a pair of sticks.

Here's Josh Devine’s demo:

We also have Roland's entry level TD1-K at only £329

Watch Johnny Rabb demo the Roland TD1-K here:

For those acoustic/busking drummers out there, we have a good range of Schlagwerk Cajons from Germany starting at £79. We also have Cajon pedals and other accessories

Loads of other goodies in stock, including sticks from £5 a pair, hardware from £20. And we haven’t even mentioned our stock of well over 100 cymbals from Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian and Meinl, dozens of snare drums, drum heads, bass pedals,  percussion instruments, tuition books, spares...

Come in and see Joe, email or call us on 01603 623563
Cookes Band Instruments Norwich Christmas 2015

Cookes Band Instruments Norwich Christmas 2015

Friday, 9 October 2015

KORG Cliphit drum triggers now in stock - a unique and fun way to play drums

Calling all drummers, or wannabe drummers!

Announcing Cliphit from Korg, the new way to enjoy drums!

Cliphit turns the world around you into your own personal drum kit. Just attach a clip to something, then hit it. It’s fun, easy, and goes wherever you do.

Check out the demo video...

  • A high-tech drum kit with three clips that trigger onboard drum samples
  • Includes one footswitch to control kick sounds, with the ability to add one more for control of hi hat open/close
  • Eleven kits are provided including hand percussion and sound effects kits
  • 2W output, 3-inch speaker, and bass-reflex design deliver great-sounding tone
  • Perform sounds by striking the CLIPHIT itself with your hand
  • AUX IN jack lets you connect external sound sources such as an MP3 player to jam along
  • Headphone jack for private practice
  • Compact space-saving design
  • Two-way power supply allows for battery operation

At only £89.00, these are an easy and inexpensive way to add a whole new dimension to your playing. You can even use them on standard acoustic drums to trigger additional sounds.

We have these in stock now, so pop in and check them out in our Drum Department, or call us on 01603 623563

Monday, 25 November 2013

The rise and rise of the cajon.
The cajon (pronounced ca-hon) has seen a huge increase in popularity in the last few years. Its compact, portable and can be played by beginners and advanced players alike. As you'd expect there is plenty of tuition available on YouTube these days but as a newcomer to the instrument myself I've been able to play a few basic grooves with relative ease. Although it helps if you have some experience of drum-kit playing or hand-drumming, even a non-percussionist should find this an easy to pick-up instrument for providing an back-beat to any musical set-up.

Here at Cookes we carry a range of cajons from the new STAGG junior cajon through to the popular PEARL Fibreglass "Boom-Box" cajon with its fibreglass body and unusual sound-port that gives a bottom-end "thump" like no other I've heard. Some use guitar-strings internally and some use snare wires. Snare wires tend to be a little more sensitive or "hissy" whereas the guitar-strings provide a tighter "snap", however both are usually adjustable.

Because of the rise in popularity of this instrument a number of manufacturers have introduced cajon "add-ons" to the market. The PEARL jingle-cup (adds a jingle sound to your cajon), the Rhythm-Ring (a shaker-style ring that hisses as you play your cajon), the MEINL foot tambourine (attaches to your shoe to create a jingle sound when you move your foot) and perhaps the most innovative, the GIBRALTAR Cajon Pedal (turns your cajon into a bass drum to form the foundation of a street/busking drumkit).

With the refurbishment of our drum deparment, we now have a section with all of our cajons out and ready to play. Hear the difference between the various drums and make an informed decision about which one is best for you.

So if you find yourself tapping away on things and are interested in getting into percussion but don't have the space for a full drumset OR you are an existing drumkit player but are looking for a portable, compact instrument to play drumset grooves either busking, jamming or at smaller venues, then the mighty cajon might just be the instrument for you.